Two Million or $255: Your Choice

Certified financial planners usually know how to get you the most out of things like Social Security. However, in economic times like these, there are many who believe that Social Security won’t be there for the long haul. They sort of disregard how to maximize their payouts from the government. Well, you shouldn’t!

There is more than $2.4 trillion dollars “in the kitty” for Social Security. No matter your political affiliation, no political leader will ever cut into Social Security because it would amount to career suicide. Yet still, even with more than two trillion dollars available, normal people shrug it off. Well, at Gallagher Financial, we’re got some insights, tips and tricks to help you draw as much from Social Security as you need!

One of the biggest questions about Social Security is “when should I start?” Some people start at age 62. Some wait until 70. Every case is unique. But no matter the age, as you ultimately determine to start earning your benefits, wouldn’t you want to get the most you can? After all, you earned it!

Your financial health is just as vital as your physical health, and you should address it accordingly. We offer a complimentary, comprehensive analysis of your specific situation and can help guide you exactly to the answers you seek about Social Security.

Many people wonder if they should continue working after they start drawing Social Security. That answer will be different for everyone, as well.

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