Too Old. For What?

“Dr. Gallagher, during the spring break, I rushed home cuz’ the first person I wanted to see was Mee-Mee. Couldn’t believe it, after being a widow for almost 21 years, she met this really nice man and they did Meals-on-Wheels together, and they got married and he’s almost 82 and she’s 84. She always gives me a key to her house, so I came right in and called out. No answer. Looked around. No Mee-Mee, no husband, no Aurora. I went upstairs to the bedroom and the door was slightly cracked and I picked in, to see underwear and clothes all over the floor and two people rolling in bed.


This story from my college-student friend reminded me that;


Johnnie Kelly was still running the Boston Marathon at age 86.

Grandma Moses began painting at age 76.

Golda Meir was elected prime minister at the age of 71.

Ronald Reagan gained his re-election at age 72.

Remember his quip to the press when they compared him to, Walter Mondale in that debate?

“Ladies and Gentlemen; I realize that many have tried to make age an issue in this campaign. I want you to know that I will not comment on the youth and inexperience of my opponent!”

Today: 50 is the new 20 and 75 is the new middle-age.

So…. You think you’re “too old”. For What?

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    • Sandra Dayes
      May 8, 2016, 1:51 pm

      I heard about your social security seminars all the time but they are always way off. Will you ever have one in Dallas? Are do you have a book or pamplet on social security? I just got laid off 3 months ago living on my sev pkg that will expire at the end of December then l will draw unemployment for 6 months. I will turn 62 in 2017. I am trying to decide if l should retire or look for another job.

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