The Money Doctor’s Guide to Taking Care of Yourself When No One Else Will

When we get our first job and earn that first paycheck, we likely aren’t thinking about saving for retirement. That’s something that comes along later, with maturity, experience and a level of financial security that lends itself to thinking about the future. Financial security is something we all want to have, and a first step to that end can be reading The Money Doctor’s Guide to Taking Care of Yourself When No One Else Will by W. Neil Gallagher.

This book isn’t just a book you read cover to cover and stick on a shelf to gather dust…it’s a book you’ll keep on your desk to refer to whenever you need advice about your financial future. And not just your own individual financial future, but also that of your spouse, parent or other family member as they age gracefully and find themselves struggling to get by.

Yet, many people lack a plan that could make later years less stressful for all involved. Gallagher has 20 years of experience helping people cope with financial issues, and in this book, he shows you the best ways to navigate what could possibly be one of the most emotionally draining times in your life.

Through a unique combination of professional and personal experiences, Gallagher reveals how you can care for yourself and your loved ones, so that you can both grow old gracefully. Along the way he also discusses how to choose the right nursing home, should you decide to go that route and how to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected financially.

It might seem a long way off, but your future is right around the corner. This book can help unlock a plan for the inevitability of caring for a loved one. Financial issues should never come between you and your loved ones, but these conversations are important and The Money Doctor’s Guide to Taking Care of Yourself When No One Else Will can help guide those conversations when it’s time to have them. If you want to discuss options for this kind of financial planning, feel free to contact at expert at Gallagher Financial. We’re here to help.

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