The Joy of a Rich Retirement

You’ve worked hard and you’ve earned your retirement! You don’t want to spend your golden years worrying about whether or not you’ve got enough money to enjoy a trip to visit your kids or a nice couples’ dinner. Surprisingly, the biggest fear people have isn’t of dying or even public speaking…it’s about running out of money! In the times we live in, financial health is almost as paramount as physical health in terms of quality of life.

The plight of some seniors in these tumultuous economic times is a sad state of affairs. Folks don’t want to run out of money and they don’t want to burden their children or grandchildren should their savings evaporate. However, during the past decade more than 40 million people lost more than half of their retirement savings.

You want to have safe money, which is money you know will always be there. It’s important to remember that high risk doesn’t always mean high reward, just as low risk doesn’t always mean low reward. And if you’re doing business with one of those high-powered brokerage firms, you’re likely going to just be treated like a number, and not a person.

Oftentimes, all they’ll see is the amount you’re willing to invest. They’ll get that money in play as fast as possible, because that’s when they earn their commission. To us at Gallagher Financial, that’s not money management. That’s fly-by-night financial incompetence. With our complimentary analysis, you’ll be treated fairly. We won’t just try to sell you CDs or Mutual Funds or gold. We’ll determine the absolute best plan for you before any action is taken.

Compassionate, accurate, honest financial reviews are what you’ll get with Gallagher Financial Group. We’ll help you implement the precise strategies that are right for you to help you feel safe and secure as you enter your retirement. Contact us today to set up your financial analysis.

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