Gallagher Financial Group offers personalized retirement planning that can provide significant additional wealth for our clients at retirement. We employ a multi-faceted, thorough approach to planning your financial future, utilizing our full range of specialties and personnel. Our services include:

• Retirement Planning
• Long-Term Care Protection
• IRAs/Rollovers
• Estate Planning
• Insurance Services
• Social Security Planning

*Guarantees subject to financial strength and claims paying ability of issuing insurer.


While many individuals spend a lifetime building wealth, little effort is often spent on devising a strategy to wisely utilize one’s accumulated assets once in retirement. Some may be concerned that they will actually outlive their savings. The Gallagher Financial Group, Inc. provides solutions such as annuities which help guarantee a retirement income you will never outlive*. We work side-by-side with clients to facilitate budget counseling and financial communications with family and colleagues.


Wealth transfer can be a vital component of your financial strategy. It is the final step in our process, and it provides you the reassurance that comes with knowing you have taken the steps necessary to help ensure the continued security of your family.

Our team offers estate protection planning, which enable clients (upon death or disability) to distribute their assets when they want, to whom they want, in the amount they want, and for the purposes they want, all while saving every tax-dollar possible.


Once in retirement, many individuals find it increasingly important to protect what they’ve spent a lifetime accumulating. After years of faithfully putting money away, the “saving years” are over, and it becomes all the more important to preserve what you’ve built.

We protect our clients’ life savings from the devastating costs of long-term healthcare needs while preserving their dignity, independence, wealth and income.


A key to reaching the increased financial security we all desire is having a wealth accumulation strategy that is tailored to your unique financial goals and consistent with your timeframe while maintaining your lifestyle. Our goal is to maximize our clients’ wealth and minimize their taxes, giving you the financial tools you need to build a successful retirement.

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Disclaimer: All investments involve risk, including possible loss of principal. Suitability, for the client, is the key. Check with your own tax, legal, or financial advisor before moving forward on a financial decision. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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