Seminar to Focus on Recent Social Security Change

You can learn how to enjoy ‘The Joy of a Rich Retirement” by joining us at one of our Social Security Seminars, presented by Gallagher Financial Group in Richardson and Bedford, Texas.

These seminars take place in February and March and are designed to equip you with knowledge about maximizing your retirement income. This information is especially important to Baby Boomers who have spent a lifetime working toward retirement and want to be able to enjoy the same quality of life

In early November, a budget bill signed into law put up roadblocks for several previously popular Social Security claiming tactics. Over 1.5 million Baby Boomers have approximately five months to decide whether to file and suspend their Social Security benefits or suspend if they’ve already filed.

The seminar will provide answers to many question, including:

-When should I apply for Social Security?
-What if I want to keep working?
-What if I’ve already applied?
-How much will my benefit be?
-What’s the best long-term strategy for my situation?
-What do I do next?

The information presented will help seniors consider Social Security benefits in the context of pensions, IRAs, 401(k)s and full investment portfolios. We’ll help you protect your nest egg and maximize your income in retirement!

Join us on Feb. 23, Feb. 25, March 7 or March 9 for an informational Social Security Seminar. Full details can be found here:

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